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Chapter 16 - Faith, Hope & Love - Strength for the Journey

Entropy vs. Creation

Love grants us a vision of Hope, and the required Faith to persevere in making that Hope a reality.

One could imagine the human body as a kind of electromagnetic field, where Love grants Faith the energy to overcome resistance, in the flow from a vision of Hope (also provided by Love) to Physical Realization. When we are working in this direction, our field repels entropy, while attracting the forces of creation, taking us ever towards Beauty & Truth.

Using our analogy, we can postulate the impact of a reversed flow. Love's counterpart, Hatred, fuels Doubt (Fear) which leads to ever worsening levels of Despair. This reversed process attracts chaos, disorder, and ever increasing entropic effects, while also repelling any sort of solution.

Hatred seems a strong word, but we must consider that rather than being the opposite of Love, Hatred is simply the absence of Love. Anything less than Loving behavior, then, can rightfully be termed Hatred. This fact should give us considerable pause, initiating reflection on our less than ideal behaviors, and their associated justifications.

Having this basic analogy to work with, we can now imagine societies, communities, associations, nations, historical periods, etc as larger fields, attracting & repelling their respective results.

The good news is that we each choose the direction our own personal field takes. The bad news is that we have a tendency to unconsciously choose the road well traveled, taking on the direction of larger fields that surround us as inevitable.

One can perhaps see that by going along with the crowd, one is actually increasing the entropic field, even if by one. And likewise decreasing the potential size of the counter-entropic field, entirely eliminating its positive effects in our own personal lives.

Once we decide to improve our lives, we begin to consciously make Loving choices. Over time, these choices solidify the direction our field takes, attracting more and more corresponding effects, taking the form of divergent scenarios, associates, and conditions.

It is well to contemplate this analogy. It contains a great deal of spiritual sustenance, which we have merely begun to explore in this essay.