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Chapter 18 - Value vs Values - Strength for the Journey

We Are Worthwhile

When we reach the conclusion that we have been behaving unwisely, and circumstances force us to change our approach to life, we run into an issue regarding external value, in opposition to our internal values.

We have become so used to needing to prove our value that we hastily begin the procedure anew, working under the assumption that Love requires something from us.

We try to follow all the rules, as efficiently and quickly as we can manage. We feel if we do enough right, Love will accept us. Unfortunately, we have not changed our mindset, merely our activities.

Love does not demand that we prove ourselves. Love is a process of dropping our over complicated way of seeing the world, and returning to a state of peace with life. A flurry of 'useful' action can be as disruptive as more obviously selfish behaviors.

The computer mind keeps us on a hamster wheel, ever speeding up, as we become more and more exhausted, trying to keep up with the 'demands of life'. Love asks us to reconsider where these demands are originating. It is not Life, but death that we are racing towards.

Love merely asks us to be loving. There is no task list, no metrics, no analysis. There isn't time for all that worry when we are content with the present moment.

We must bring the Love deep within us out into our surroundings, despite any and all external & internal protestations. No one decides we are doing that 'rightly', we rely on our inner confidence.

Our brains attack us daily with a deluge of debilitating thoughts, our nervous system with overwhelming feelings, all demanding we conquer them before we can get started on being Love. This is an endless trap of 'self-improvement'. We'll be Love just as soon as we figure all our problems out.

Love wants us to just let go of all the madness, remember a prior time when we were grateful, when we appreciated Life for what it intrinsically was, and not for what we could do with it to improve our financial standing and/or social status.