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Chapter 2 - Unity of Thought vs. Unity of Purpose - Strength for the Journey

Truth is not relative, as it is precisely the point around which all else moves. This point also known as 'Love'.

Living within the limited context that we currently experience, we each 'see through a glass darkly', that is, we are not working with the entire Truth.

This often causes conflict, as each of us see differently through that 'dark glass'. We can become convinced that others do not have access to Truth, simply because from our perspective (which is again, limited or 'distorted'), their Truth seems to disagree with what we have discovered to be Truth.

All of this confusion is directly avoidable, if we merely cease clinging to the concept of Unity as 'Unity of Thought', and learn to fully embrace the concept of 'Unity of Purpose'.

Quite frankly, it is not critical for one to have all the answers to make an impact in the world. We should strive to eliminate our ignorance, certainly... especially the glaring ignorance of our own deceptive internal 'companion(s)'. However, some of the greatest human Lights in history didn't (and still don't) have a clear understanding of the entire world situation, while in their 'mortal' condition.

Despite what may on the surface seem to be a complete lack of common ground, one can feel the Unity of Purpose displayed by these great Lights.

I'll give a few example names here... (*As an side exercise, I can highly recommend taking careful note of any internal reactions to these names, in case there are any underlying attachment(s) to certain 'thought patterns' to resolve.): CS Lewis, William Penn, Martin Luther, Thomas Aquinas, John Wesley, Thomas Jefferson, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Rumi, Manly P. Hall, etc.

All these individuals, along with untold numbers of other famous and everyday men & women, strive(d) to work towards a loving world... a Unified Purpose.

When/If these examples all sat down together to discuss the exact details (thoughts) of that loving world, there would be general agreements, and very likely, specific & great disagreements.

Taking the paths of these great lives (and not merely their 'beliefs') as inspirations, we must set aside any attachments to our limited versions of the Truth and come together, working towards the full disclosure of actual Truth, complete Truth, that undiluted & unblemished vision of Eternal Love.

Each of us must (at times) force the surrender of our personality to that Greater Purpose. This, and nothing less, is at the heart of humility. Ensuring our lower selves become less, that our Higher Self may shine through.

No matter what one 'believes', I feel we must strive to lovingly support those we intuitively know to be working towards Truth, even if we feel they are coming from a more 'limited' perspective. Sometimes this presents the personality a great challenge, yet one I feel nourishing for the soul (as it builds Love).