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Chapter 22 - The Deeper 'Magic' - Strength for the Journey

Karma, Physics & the Power of Forgiveness

We live in a world ruled by karma. This statement, while correct, is only part of the Truth. We live in a world ruled by physics. Again, this is correct, but also partial. Humanity in general, and each of us individually, have accumulated an impossible amount of karma. This cannot be cured though any process inherent in our universe. We are doomed, according to the rules of karma, physics, and all the rules of Nature that we can discover. The predictions of mass disaster & chaos are well calculated, and unavoidable.

With this grim realization, one can perhaps understand all the current chaos. Those who have figured out this Truth are approaching life from these assumptions. People are prepping, buying bunkers, stocking up for the 'End Times'. I am going to share some further information with you in this essay, that has the potential to ease your mind. However, it may also conflict with your preexisting beliefs. If so, I would recommend that you reconsider your fundamental impressions.

Forgiveness is not a process currently inherent in Nature. Science has fairly well demonstrated this fact. Therefore, it does not follow the 'rules of the road'. If Forgiveness is not natural, then were does it come from? I suggest that you personally contemplate this question. The answer, which you can verify in your own way, is that it is a Divine process. It is not of this world. It is, in fact, 'in this world, but not of it'.

The present worldwide movement of disclosure, awakening, unveiling, etc, will present us with terrible, horrific information that we are not equipped to deal with internally. Some of this will be on a global scale, some will deeply touch our personal lives. This is causing a great deal of 'cardboard cutout syndrome', where we tend to disassociate rather than face facts, due to the seemingly unavoidable amount of fear that we encounter. We have a strong desire to have all the knowledge, but our hearts are not ready for this. There is a tendency to become automatons, because no emotions seems better than all this fear.

It is true, the world has been obsessed with knowledge, with figuring out how to exploit the world, rather than heal it. Yes, many of the experts on these matters have no idea how to actually handle these issues in their own lives. There is a general feeling of hopelessness that comes over individuals who begin searching for the answers that lead to a better world. It seems no one is prepared to turn the worst into the best, that it simply cannot be done. We should just hide in our bunkers and wait out the storm, that will probably kill us all anyway... it's what we deserve, if karma is to be believed. And karma is in fact a fundamental law. What can we possibly do?

While much of the world has been working on more glamorous projects, there are quite a number of individuals who have been preparing themselves (largely unaware) for this eventuality. There are people spread all over the world, who daily forgive others, without being enmeshed in the situation. They are not heroes, they are not famous, they are not gurus. No, they are simple, everyday humans. They are doing their best, and often not really getting anywhere. These individuals are constantly faced with an endless stream of impossibly terrible circumstances, and yet, somehow, one would not know that from their general demeanor. These people are genuinely unshakable, this universe has thrown immeasurable pain & suffering at them, and they have learned somehow to survive, even thrive. These people exist. You have unquestionably encountered them, likely without realizing their great strength.

No matter what you are faced with, one of these humans has already dealt with it successfully. This means, while you may not know what to do, how to navigate these feelings, and all seems dark and desperate, all is not lost. There is a patient, Loving, and gentle cadre waiting for the world to get bad enough to start looking for their Wisdom. Again, in most cases, they are completely unaware of their role, and would protest profusely if you confronted them with this information. No matter, those who need them will find them, and they will gladly assist. Magnetic attraction is not solely a physical phenomenon. At the moment, it is best that they remain unaware, or they would likely succumb to that great danger of Pride. Their firmly held belief that they are 'just another human being doing their best' is precisely true. They may exhibit a Divine amount of Love & Forgiveness, but these powers are accessible to each of us, especially in 'the least of these'.

While we may (or may not) be familiar with loving, caring people, what is not widely known is just how much Forgiveness violates & modifies the laws of our universe. Consider the fact that situations 'leap the tracks', entering unpredictable waters when someone forgives themselves or another person. The entropy of that moment, the 'karma', is gone. While in many cases, consequences may not completely disappear, they are greatly modified. Here's the big secret. When someone has forgiven often enough, and has become Loving to a certain point, they are granted Divine power to eliminate ALL consequences, and create a new script. Nothing HAS to happen, just because the laws of physics say that they must. No, humans in touch with Divinity, following the Divine Plan, can create new realities, seemingly from scratch. This is fact. You may not believe, but remember that thankfully, one who does not believe is unable to change reality.

Magic (both White & Black) does work, to an extent, but there are walls. The Divine has no walls. Humans in touch with their Divine spark need not be perfect to change reality, nullify karma, or even break the laws of physics. Perhaps this is one of the greatest secrets in life. We look to the skies, we seek those who have great power, physical, metaphysical, etc. Many of the most powerful beings in our world feel unable to Forgive. The powerful are not as strong as they think they are. No, in Truth, it is the weak who become strong, and it is they who will actually save the world. Each of us must become weak, we must let go of what we have come to believe is strength, and embrace the amazing power of Forgiveness & Love. Forgiveness is not at all about others, it is freeing yourself from you own prisons, it is the ultimate expression of Self-Love & Self-Care.

Please forgive yourself! If you feel you cannot, ask someone else to show you how. There is always someone who can & will forgive you, no matter what you have done. Believe me, this is true to an extent you will be completely unaware of. Your belief does not affect Divine Forgiveness. It is freely offered, and freely given, shown not through abstract means in the heavens, but in the lives of ordinary, unassuming humans like yourself. And once you have been forgiven, it becomes your obligation to forgive others. By this, and by no other means, will the world transform from the Hell we have been developing into a Heaven on Earth. There is no choosing, there is no fighting, there is no locking yourself away because you do not deserve it. Love will find you, Love will forgive you, Love will save you. There are no 'buts', no exceptions.