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Chapter 28 - Re-enSouling the Temporalization of Art - Strength for the Journey

True Art is represented by those objects that contain Soul energy, with no particular emphasis or consideration placed upon material utility. What passes for 'Art' in our contemporary environs is reflective of an overall societal confusion & lack of comprehension of the Soul aspect of Humanity.

Our minds struggle in an attempt to understand Soul value within our conditioned dualistIc framework. Art, to our brains, must be either 'good or 'bad', or perhaps it is simply altogether meaningless.

Our Souls' internal 'sensory organs' are vastly underdeveloped, and, for the most part, terribly atrophied, of no real use to us. This is beyond unfortunate, as their evolution & healing now depends greatly upon the output of others' more refined Soul energies. In other words, Soul-less Art breeds more of the same, leads to less and less expression of Soul power, ad nauseam.

Our intimate involvement in this entropic situation begins when we fail to acknowledge our own inherent Soul capacity to divine for us our own Truth, and then express this through our sovereignty. We seek answers all around us, and what we have collectively decided to accept as 'Art' provides drastic examples of this abduction of personal responsibility.

If we disagree with something, deep within our Soul, rather than ignoring this, or attempting to manipulate the world through words, protests, and/or legislation, we must start providing & supporting constructive alternatives. Building things up, not tearing down that which is already collapsing in on itself.

We have choices. Much is chosen with money, although this is simply representative of our values/energies. With Art specifically, we must realize that it is a crucial requirement to maintaining stable communities. Look to where contemporary 'Art' is driving us... right off the edge of the Transhumanist cliff.

Art has become almost exclusively propaganda. Artists can appreciate the Truth of this more than most. We don't really value True Art & Creativity anymore. We pay for artistic talents only when they further our financial & material dominance over others, be they individuals, 'customers', 'clients', or other nations & cultural groups.

Art now functions as a mere tool, as any other Soul-inspired invention or creation. It has become the Atomic weapons of our time, although we no longer wait in fear for some enemy to obliterate us, "we are hard at work on our own destruction, thank you very much!"

When we speak of Art from the perspective of the Soul, we are not limited in scope to what we traditionally define as 'aesthetics'. All that we create is Art, be it a business report, an oil painting, or an experience between people. Thus we cannot blame artists entirely (or even primarily) for this dismal condition. We each pursue Soul-lessness with the greater portion of our own daily energies (time, efforts, money, etc.)

Make choices that worry less about 'profit', and refocus on actual value. Make everything you touch fuller in its essence, not necessarily 'more expensive'. Put energy towards surrounding yourself with Soul power, with the glory of True Artistic Beauty.

You're worth enough to enjoy Art & Beauty now, and as a Human Being, your time is far too valuable to spend on Soul-less activities. No one needs to be without Beauty & Art. We must reestablish True Value in our own lives, and then we will be driven to serve others, by reintroducing them to their own internal Soul value.