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Chapter 3 - The Path of Authenticity - Strength for the Journey

I'd like to emphasize that this essay, as with all of my writing, is directed at you, at me, at all of humanity. None under Heaven are exempt from these Truths. I speak as another human being living in this mess, attempting our best, as we all do.

This is not meant as a condemnation of any one particular way of looking at things, but is perhaps best described as a 'reminder', of how deep duality has its teeth in us.

There are so very many ways to consider ourselves 'better than' all the other poor souls out there, who just don't know any better than we do.

"We have to start living at a higher vibration, so we really need to avoid all those low vibration people & situations, because they bring us down." In other words, they put pressure on our own deceptive self-concepts, and remind us of our own uncomfortable shadows. Shadows, that frankly, feel so massively f'd, that maybe it's just better to avoid them, and 'increase our vibration', all while pretending they'll go away.

And for the mindset that "that's right, those 'high vibration' people just don't understand what it's like here in the real world, sometimes you've just gotta do what you've gotta do..." Also incorrect. Duality... it's a real pain.

Love is quite possible, and quite necessary at every moment, every situation, every person (including inside ourselves). Not easy, and unfortunately quite painful & uncomfortable, but unavoidable in the end. 'High vibration' behaviors & actions are, at times, an essential part of this process (just don't lose perspective of the bigger picture).

We are all 'infected', so to speak, with the attempts to make 'evil' into an actual thing, a horrific pursuit of a reverse creationary process. Thankfully, despite great efforts towards it, this is completely impossible (in the end), because evil isn't a thing, it is merely Love distorted, and without Love, 'evil' doesn't stand alone. It's death, and one can't have death without Life. Life doesn't need death. This may be an easy way to understand how wrong the concept of duality actually is, and start to release ourselves from its temporary (and dying) grasp.

Since evil doesn't actually exist, no one is an evil monster, we are all merely (heavily) infected, in need of great Healing, Love & Compassion. The best way to assist in the grand scheme of healing humanity is to focus squarely on our own infection. It takes unlimited self-care, self-love, and actual compassion when interacting with all the rest of us dealing with the same shenanigans. We must learn intuitively how best to balance this vital self-care with our calling to service.

Being infected, none of us should be fools, throwing ourselves into the midst of an epidemic without some sort of working plan/process to minimize impacts to our own health (spiritual/physical/etc.)

Likewise, cloistering ourselves away from the general population, as though we are creating a quarantine zone, when done without the realization that we are no less Typhoid Mary than the rest of humanity, will only allow our shadows to build exponentially, until we become the very 'monsters' we are hiding from.

In closing, I must reiterate that this message is just as much for my own benefit as for any others. I bear no special immunity to this situation, I have no market on non-duality, I am no 'better' than anyone else. Yet, we can all ascend, we are all capable of becoming pure Love again. We are not broken people at our core, we ARE powerful Beings of Light, Life & Love. But collectively, humanity has seen, and is currently seeing, a Hell of a lot of trauma.

Be Compassionate, be Loving, and ever remain Humble (as Christ did/does).