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Chapter 36 - The Quantum - Strength for the Journey

'Quantum' is a term widely used to refer to the point of interaction between the physical and non-physical/spiritual/metaphysical realms. It is essentially a contemporary replacement for 'Magic'. In other words, to the question: "How did it happen?", where "Magic" was once a suitable reply, now it is more fashionable to answer: "Quantum..." something or other. In inventing a term, science has given us all a false sense of comprehension.

If one does not know how to affect the 'quantum field', in a repeatable, rational or 'scientific' manner, then one gains little by employing the term. We freely admit our lack of knowledge (or perhaps more accurately, disbelief) concerning Magic, yet come away with a feeling of self-assurance & satisfaction by saying that 'Quantum did it'.

Bottom line: This entire situation is an excellent illustration of the deceptive Magic of word-based thinking. "We can calculate it, we have the syntax!" But we still don't really know anything useful. In fact, we have lost awareness of our own ignorance, and in this, actually know far less than when we started.