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Chapter 4 - Generosity & Receptivity - Strength for the Journey

'Darkness vs. Light' & the Road to Spiritual Wholeness

These are the two primary 'modes' of living under duality, exposed & clarified. No one individual lives life 100% in either mode, but it seems everyone at least starts off life with a tendency towards one mode or the other. Inner knowledge is key.

• 'Light': Taking 'flak', while giving any vestige of abundance away

• 'Light' is also known as Victim mentality, 'being a Martyr', etc.

The ultimate state of this 'Light' lifestyle, is to become completely unable to receive any Love (even when offered), and dependent upon the underhanded, yet still vampiric, approach of martyrdom & emotional manipulation.

• 'Dark': Giving 'flak', while stealing abundance

• 'Dark' is known as the Victimizer, the 'bad guy', etc.

'Dark's end state is to become unable to offer Love to anyone, even one's self, making one completely dependent upon the Love of others, the more obviously vampiric lifestyle.

Neither side is very healthy, nor does either corner the market on morality.

This situation is more clear evidence of the imbalance, and therefore entropic inevitability, of duality. In the rest of reality, out there somewhere, away from this influence, there are spiritually whole beings, like our own Higher Selves, who behave quite differently.

Wholeness & balance involve the capacity to both accept & share Love freely, without fear. Self-worth & Self-Love are the vital core principles of wholeness.

Those who have spent time in the 'Light' must learn to accept & value the Love offered to them, rather than throwing it away as quickly as possible.

Those who have embraced the fun & excitement of the 'Dark' polarity, must learn to Love & share that Love again, beginning by learning to forgive & Love their own internal shadow parts.