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Chapter 41 - Alchemy - Strength for the Journey

A Personal Choice

When we practice Alchemy imperfectly, that is, out of accordance with the Divine Plan, because the Divine Principle has created a universe that is self-correcting, Nature takes matters in hand and fixes (or eliminates) the problem. Woe to the man (or woman) who is this problem, for he (or she) shall surely die... eventually. He or she would, in all likelihood, actually prefer a quicker end than the drawn out process typically invoked.

There exists no middle ground. If we dare not be saints, then we will personally die at some point or another. We worry so much about death, and dying, yet not enough to motivate us to discontinue our disobedience to the clearly-demonstrated Divine Order.

Here's the Mystery, the Question people are seeking an answer to: "How can I do what I want, and also get away with it forever?" So many feel they have found a solution, or are very close to a breakthrough. For these individuals, Alchemy (or her daughter, Science) is ripe for the task. It seems to hold all the secrets of Life, and indeed it does. We feel we can take Her Wisdom and do as we please with it. To be sure, we are welcome to attempt it. However, never will anyone be successful in this effort.

For all Alchemy's secrets, the supremacy of Divinity is Her crowning jewel. For the one who follows Her paths, not for personal gain, but simply because it is our duty & privilege, that man or woman, through ending all inner resistance, shall in fact live forever, a living testament to the power & majesty of the Divine Will & Grace. This Glory is inescapable to the True saint, and ever elusive to the committed sinner (currently the choice of the vast majority of the population). We are so willing to accept the role of sinner. It comes with a price: Death. We know this Truth, yet we persist. Don't act so surprised.

The Divine Principle has promised rewards, he/she shall reap as he/she sows. Stop whining about your crops. Be grateful, rather, that you will never be allowed/forced to live eternally in the chaos & evil you have created. There's only two ways forward, either get back on the Divine path, or struggle in misery until you die. Doesn't seem fair? It genuinely isn't 'fair' or reasonable to expect to force your own unDivine plan on the rest of the world.

There's no need for me to be vague or to mince words. Time is short. To be less blunt is unloving. There is Grace & Miracles for all who seek sincerely. However, if you just want to keep having things your way, your wish is ever granted, along with all the pertaining accoutrements.