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Chapter 42 - Hazards of Waking Up - Strength for the Journey

The experience of one's arm falling asleep can be explored as an analogy to both our individual lives, and the greater world in which we reside. It can instruct us in a natural remedy to our current global situation.

When your arm falls asleep, it becomes numb, seemingly dying to the rest of the body. The body feels no pain while ignoring its appendage, deprived as it is of blood flow (life force). The moment the body begins to restore life to the limb, as the flow of blood returns, pain and awareness both flood the senses. One feels quite viscerally the balance between rapidity and comfort. The faster blood (life) is restored, the more painful the experience. While one is dissatisfied with a useless arm, one also must avoid making the entire body so useless in the temporary instance. It is as though the death factor begins to overtake the life force, albeit only for a short while. This is typically not so serious, but at a societal scale, the shock can have worse repercussions than the initial situation entails.

The arm, in this case, or the members of society, must be revived at a reasonable pace, or else shock may induce an inescapable condition of fear. Much like the sleeping arm, it is not vital that the whole limb be slowly awakened, for there is a critical mass after which things move rapidly to resolution, and shock no longer presents a danger.

We can each gain awareness of the death, or lack of life force within ourselves, and subsequently, our society, and then begin to function as living safety valves of Natural rationality. One can remain reasonably rational despite a great lack of True facts, as long as one maintains consciousness of the essential Truths in life.

Disclosure of Knowledge, meaning externally discovered sensory 'facts', may blow our 'minds' (brains), but it should never shake our Faith. When this does happen, the fault is within. This situation presents direct evidence of the insufficiency of our own faith. It says nothing about Faith in essence, merely about our personal distortions.

He who can disbelieve the existence & supremacy of Divinity reveals more about him/herself than about said Divinity. A lack of Faith in no way disproves Her Truths. The unbeliever, failing to generate Miracles, determines prematurely that such things are fantasy, when the more logical conclusion is that he/her lacks the necessary attributes and/or Wisdom to experience them.

The unbeliever places great faith in their own perfection or sufficiency, or else they would question their own instrument a bit more often. This is, after all, the more scientific procedure.