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Chapter 43 - Balance Through Self-Knowledge - Strength for the Journey

One must become an Expert in life, a Master of one's own situation. Wisdom is wholly impotent, unless we apply Her Truths directly within our lives. We need not seek to master others, to teach them, to share our profound insights with the intent of becoming sages.

Self-Knowledge is the only sort worth striving for. The perhaps over-referenced guidance of the famous Oracle of Delphi, "Know Thyself", is so often quoted because fundamental Truths are eternal, never fading with changing fashions or cultural shifts. No matter who you are, where you are, geographically, chronologically, situationally or spiritually, this is the highest advice.

What exactly are we to do with our newfound Self-Knowledge? For the 'Knowing' itself is not enough, as we have previously covered. Self-Knowledge reveals to us our personal gaps, our 'strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats', to borrow from the classic marketing survey. With this information, we may devise a strategy, in concert with Nature, to rebalance our Earthly conditions. This focus on inner balance cannot be perfected without knowledge of the aforementioned conditions, which is only obtainable via internal investigations.

What is True and balancing for one, is dangerously imbalancing for another, and entirely irrelevant to a third. Experts, advisors, 'sages', guides, counselors, etc. are mostly well-meaning, but there is a great deal of Truth to the old adage, "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions". Worry less about others (or the specks in their eyes), and more about your own situation (the log in your own eye).

As the Stoics taught, focus on that which you can change (yourself), and not on that which you cannot (others). In doing so, you will undoubtedly obtain Wisdom universally applicable to others, but if they are not yet seeking it, sharing with them would be 'casting pearls before swine'. One could argue that I am not practicing what I preach, yet consider how you came to read this essay. I did not thrust it upon you, nor am I forcing you to read it. It is perfectly acceptable, and even Natural, to freely offer up one's gleaned insights.