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Chapter 47 - Fragmentation - Strength for the Journey

Processes & Solutions

Personal Fragmentation, a dissociative phenomenon, is far more common than typically acknowledged. It is easily spotted in the vast majority of smiles, well-intentioned, yet unhappily plastered on the faces of so many of us. Each of us encounter these effects on a daily, almost continual basis. In fact, it is difficult to escape back to Reality, a sad irony we will uncover shortly.

The state comes about in a subtle fashion: One begins by behaving in a way that is not in alignment with their actual Self, due to a feeling of external (or perhaps internal) pressure. This in itself requires a certain minimum of fragmented thinking / feeling. The pressure we feel is the energy of Fear, although it may not be recognized as such (see many of my other essays). It is a conditioned response forcibly induced (as early as in the womb, via stress), by another person/being/consciousness, even if garbed in the cloak of social convention (that blasted 'social contract' idea), manners, rules, etc.

Any action performed, any emotion felt, any thought considered, that goes against our inner integrity (and I use this term consistent with the broader definition, that of being whole, or 'unfragmented'), immediately causes physical, mental, emotional and/or energetic discomfort, or even pain. This is True whether the sensation is noticed or not, and the 'normal' person often maintains a minimum of standing fragmentation great enough to cover, and facilitate ignoring, one's authentic bodily responses & reflexes. Facing ourselves demands a lot of courage, and this is not in vogue.

This is a deep, almost entirely unacknowledged fundamental problem in our world (not by accident), is what I'm driving at here. 'Politeness', 'manners', 'etiquette', etc. are in reality quite destructive endeavors to camouflage, conceal, or even cure the situation.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon has embedded itself so successfully into the fabric of our societies (and further, into our physiology & mythologies), that we refer to it as 'human nature', again, no accidental state of affairs, something of a cruel 'inside joke'. It really seems as though there has been a deliberate (and productive) effort made to keep humanity locked within a collectively fragmented prison, with each acting as enforcer agents of the supporting infrastructure. I encourage you to delve deep into exploring this possibility, no matter how conspiratorial it may strike you.

Surely this situation could not completely escape our attention altogether, and indeed, it has not. I ask you to reflect upon exactly what is behind all the historical inquisitions, wars, persecutions, etc. All throughout recorded history, individuals have uncovered this state of affairs, and a portion of these have paid for the discovery with their lives. Not all though, many learned the fine art of lying low. Preaching the Truths of Fragmentation to the fragmented mobs goes about as well as can be expected. Their sacrifices have kept a dim questioning alive in the recesses of society, and we dare not judge these courageous men & women, and can be grateful rather.

What has been hidden, in near totality, is the fact of how tenuous & fragile (hard to maintain) the fragmentation of the world truly is. It requires constant 'upkeep', in the form of mass murder, torture, slavery, and all forms of carefully calculated & orchestrated destruction, on a second-by-second interval. There are many (largely unaware/deceived) efforts & organizations, both integrated and disjointed, headed by the most fragmented bloodlines among us, religiously performing these functions.

Fragmenting enables us to avoid feeling connected to our True selves, which in turn keeps the discomfort & pain at bay for a while. The solution to fragmentation is simple, but not easy. It is Forgiveness, a process that can only be complete after cessation of all fragmentary actions. As you may see, this infrastructure revolves around people's internal loops, wherein Fear of encountering Ourselves drives us to commit behaviors reprehensible to us, generating ever greater levels of Fear, and on & on it continues.

What can we do about this? Those who can Forgive must (by their Nature) do so. Constantly, continuously, without end nor limit, as a lifestyle. At the same time, those who 'forgive' from an uncentered, fearful (fragmented) state merely prolong the problem, and practice martyrdom & victimhood. Only those in Self-sovereign, connected, authentic states can Forgive fully enough to impact humanity's 'karmic' balance, so to speak.

It takes an unfragmented Heart to hold the space open long enough to allow the fragmented to feel safe enough to overcome the impulse to 'fix' themselves. The world only needs one left, and there are far more than that. But it does take time, although there is an exponential impact, powerful enough to flood the forces of fragmentation within & around us. Forgiveness is the Divine, infinite, undefeatable energy. Nothing can stop it, and 'the door is opened that all Hell could never close', to borrow a line from Rich Mullins. It functions at the most Loving rate of growth.

Forgiveness accelerates spiritual growth without pain, it is the Divine Azoth, directly inaccessible from the fragmented state. When one states "I forgive", coming from the Inner Spark (heartspace), this is a Divine decree. Likewise, Compassion lived is immortality embodied.

This world is traumatized by fragmentation, only because we feel we are beings susceptible to trauma, to hurt, to pain. This inborn belief is due to our identification with our mortal vehicles (bodies), that are subject to external forces, and to our lack of recognition of our True power & sovereignty. In 'being' our body, and its associated persona(s), we 'willingly' consent & submit to 'higher authorities', that are in fact lower beings usurping our human throne. We are the gods over our demons (and angels), and it is high time we reclaimed our Divine birthright. Quite clearly, these usurpers cannot steward the Earth with the Hearts of unfragmented Humanity.