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Chapter 50 - Why Persevere? - Strength for the Journey

BEing the Love You Need

Sometimes, Life seems like a real kick in the teeth. When we start to realize there's no good reason for 'lessons', or purpose to the karmic cycle (from a Higher perspective), one can begin to question the point of sticking around here in this 'situation' we call Earth. This can be quite dangerous from the point-of-view of the body, and very likely comes with some sort of repercussions in the afterlife, etc. Whether this is 'right' or should be the case is largely academic. It's not a great idea to cut out early, but admittedly, 'not a great idea' is no strong motivator. Stick with me for a bit, and I'll present a decent reason, one that is, from my experience, strong enough to rely upon when things get rocky.

If we give it a try, we can shift from a perspective of "this is painful & difficult", which may be true, to one more along the lines of "I'm here, might as well make the best of it". Now don't think I'm leaving off there, because again, this is not a major comfort. Let me explain further. He (or she) who has nothing to lose is just the sort of person we richly need here on Earth.

Loving is very difficult to accomplish while one is still encumbered by a 'normal' worldview, and is not yet disillusioned with the world. This disillusionment, rather than the end of the road, is, in fact, the starting line of True self-empowerment & sovereignty. If it's 'all a bunch of lies' (which isn't completely inaccurate), then there's no risk in trying to be Loving (in a general sense), no longer for any particular purpose or personal goal. In the process of Being (or 'becoming') indifferently compassionate, one becomes the Love they are seeking in the world outside.

Sometimes it takes a while, but with hard work, courage & persistence, you will become a Love magnet. I speak not of romantic love, as disillusionment isn't entirely wrong about this sort of 'love' (aka attachment). It is indeed unreliable, fleeting, and impermanent by nature, even in the best of cases. This is because it is merely a reflection of True Love, which is far more akin to electromagnetism than what we think of as 'love'. It's not that Love 'doesn't work', or that it's 'not enough', it's a case of a general lack of knowledge, awareness, and even experience of True Love.

I suggest that instead of saying "forget it, no point in being kind anymore", one could realize that all this pretending to be kind is Truly hurtful anyway. A better motto might be "forget it, I'll actually BE kind, but will also stop caring so much". When we stick to this softer approach, Life in turn, gives us less heartache & heartburn. 'Caring' isn't True Love, and indifference is closer the mark. When you need someone to listen, you don't want them to be neck-deep in your problems (or similar problems), or else they will be distracted, emotionally excessive, and completely nonobjective, unable to Truly listen. Distance from the situation enables Loving, Compassionate actions. This is no fluke or accident.

What is required most at the pinnacle of disillusionment is an additional step of distancing oneself from one's own problems. This keeps one from getting continually brought down by them, and also aids one in being clearheaded enough to make progress with them. Nothing takes us further from our own suffering than a constant & consistent habit of compassionate acts & kindly interactions. This does not mean diving into another's issues, thereby theoretically bypassing one's own, for this method backfires spectacularly.

We become free to be kind, despite the actions/behaviors/speech of others. If it all doesn't matter, then at least surround yourself with your own Light of Inner Love. Many may try to rain on your sunshine, but who cares... we're disillusioned, after all. Even if everyone around you is a hard case, seemingly working to destroy your Love/calm/peace/etc. it's not a big deal. In becoming a conduit of Divine Love yourself, you will feel it within enough to make it through any of these 'adjustment periods' of difficulty. The Shadow of Death isn't so bad when you bring your own flashlight. There are others who have walked these same paths.

From one traveler to another: I Love You, just as You Love Me, and whether we meet in this form or another, You are with Us always!