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Chapter 51 - Go With the Flow - Strength for the Journey

A Rough Guide

At times, we can become quite rigid, overly focused on goals, past experiences, and mindsets. While focus certainly has its place, an excess of such causes us to miss opportunities, or 'invitations to success' from the Universe. Sometimes, we get in our own way, and if we do so long enough, we seem to become insurmountable obstacles to ourselves. In these situations, unless we actively (consciously) 'change things up', that is, introduce fresh or unusual elements into our lives, our subconscious takes things in hand all by its lonesome. This tends to place us in chaotic and/or unforeseen circumstances.

Our conscious perception of this state of affairs typically presents as an impulse to escape boredom, else wise life may begin to feel hopeless or vacuous. When we feel most (often desperately so) in need of buckling down and 'solving' our problems, what may be a more helpful (productive) approach is that of 'Letting Go'. Attempting to fully cover the process of Letting Go could fill many books, and to be sure, many have tried (and many shall yet try) to do so. However, for our purposes, a basic awareness will satisfy.

Creative solutions require creative actions to uncover their secrets. Letting Go means safely following (or instigating) our 'escapist' urges, while avoiding any of our customary destructive habits. Loosening up is the idea. This will likely come across as an irresponsible tactic, but I assure you, on the contrary, appearances are deceiving. Society's concepts surrounding responsibility squarely ignore the employment of our intuitive heart and headspace, which is in reality highly irresponsible. Many styled 'responsible' individuals & organizations give little consideration to spiritual (or even longterm) impacts... again, misunderstanding is rampant.

Waiting for the correct moment, to have a fully-developed thought, a well-considered plan, etc. has become old fashioned. Let's bring back critical, strategic thinking!

Movement is not always fruitful, there's never any 'rush' (correct vs. incorrect time, absent the crush of haste), as activity performed with inadequate consciousness is precisely how we arrived in our present condition. More of the same is naturally uncalled for. Take a break, perhaps a siesta, a sabbatical, a vacation, and regain fresh eyes, while stoking creative fires as you know how. What has worked in the past to break such blockages may be of use. Or one could try something entirely new. The effectiveness of time spent in hands-on action and/or conversation (not in research or thought) cannot be overestimated.

Do some art or craft, explore a 'hobby', catch up with an old friend (talk about them, not your problem) or meet someone new. You want to distract your brain long enough to allow for deeper (and more efficient) mental processes to occur, and to grant time for the Universe, unhindered by your madcap, frantic motions, to lead you to opportunities, or to bring them directly to you.