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Chapter 52 - Chances, Love & Forgiveness - Strength for the Journey

How much trust is too much? Where do we draw the line when someone else wrongs us? Does Love have an upper limit? What are the indications of a chance too far? I submit that such questions reveal much about ourselves and the world we find ourselves 'captive' in, far from our eternal places of origin.

The largest challenge facing Love, Compassion & the Forgiving Soul is that of a commonly experienced lack of Self-Forgiveness. This is the direct cause of much (if not all) of our suffering. He/she who cannot find the Will or capacity within to face and transmute his/her own transgressions of personal integrity (wholeness) begins to turn outward. This shift of controlling locus causes one to demand (by force, if necessary) that others join in validating, justifying, ignoring, or concealing our actions, behaviors and underlying moods & energetic field manifestations. To put it mildly, this creates an unfortunate & uncomfortable set of conditions in our lives. Pressure to relieve and escape this setup engenders further harsh expressions, outbursts & experiences, 'designed' by our subconscious to lead (or eject) us out, back to the ease & comfort of alignment with Divine mandates.

While this concisely covers the viewpoint of the self-afflicted individual, what is to be done by those in his/her wake? Can Compassion/Forgiveness/Love even penetrate within the walls of the scenario? I say yes. By virtue of the constant seeking for external validation/commentary, the fragmented persona is open to any/all who are willing or desirous of 'providing feedback'. This does include honest feedback, which allows the whole individual to play the role of a mirror. To mirror the Divine Spark in others is simply to BE the Divine within ourselves. To remove all barriers to expression of Her constantly outflowing Love. We Lovingly share how someone else 'really' feels about themselves, that is ever-Loving, eternally Forgiving.

Here I place a crucial caveat. We are not yet perfected, and a vital aspect of the Loving process of growth is the practice of Self-Care. If forgiving someone else is harmful, then it is not Truly forgiveness. Forgiveness is a present tense action. We need not deliberately wedge ourselves into awkward & painful positions wherein we will be required to forgive the same set of mistakes repeatedly, with little sign of ceasing or growth. This is a form of sacrificial martyrdom, and only serves to divide us from another, and provides an easy entry point for Pride to quietly expand within ourselves.

Walking away from an abusive or unchanging situation is not displaying a lack of Forgiveness. On the contrary, it takes an inner strength & Self-Forgiveness for allowing ourselves to be treated so in the past. Moving on is not always to torch a bridge, it can be an open & mutual acknowledgement of the call of Nature's ongoing dance, bringing us together now for a season, drawing us apart again for a time, yet all eternally united in the One.

Until we meet again: