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Chapter 57 - Fear vs. Synchronicity - Strength for the Journey

Or What to Do About Fear

In this essay, we will explore the experience of fear and just what to do about it, so that it does not violently disrupt our lives. Fear is the agency behind the disorganization that interrupts the natural flow of events & occurrences. It is the idiomatic 'fly in the ointment'. In reality, Synchronicity is nothing magical or special, it is simply how the Universe is designed to function. The fact that it seems to be so rare in our world is reflective of the widespread acceptance of fear as a dominating force in our individual & collective lives.

Fear is a master propagandist. Technically speaking, fear is specifically an experience of a frequency band characterized by discordant harmonies. Nothing ever quite lines up perfectly when fear is at the fore. Things are 'off', and in the most subtle cases, it may be all but impossible to verbalize exactly what that means. In fact, the concentration of verbalization can often play ally & supporting role to fear. We are conditioned to feel awkward when we cannot explain ourselves, or detail our internal insights, even within the confines of our own headspace. This in itself is a fear state. When we step back and examine our past experiences (and often our present physiological condition), we will discover much more fear than we might suspect at first glance. Of course, in the process of reflection, we may find ourselves feeling fearful, in part due to the re-experiencing of prior memories. Each memory holds an energetic signature, but these can be replaced/changed/healed (while this warrants an entire essay of its own, I will cover some basics herein).

While FDR's famous statement, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself", is an excellent introduction to Courage, it is not the final Truth on the matter. We need not fear our own fear either! We cannot cover fear by thinking happy thoughts, for it will lie dormant for a time, building up energy in our subconscious, only to emerge later when we least expect/desire its presence. We cannot escape fear either, despite so many societal efforts to accomplish this impossible feat. The motivation for each of these approaches is rooted in the fear itself, and one cannot get rid of something while also using it. You cannot throw a ball and tightly clench it at the same time. So it is with fear.

How then can we let go, when our fear feels so Truthful? Throughout the course of our lives, we have accumulated more than a few limiting feelings (energy frequencies) that manifest as thoughts/emotions/beliefs. These fearful illusions are stuck to us, like burrs to a dog's coat. It is helpful to imagine our beliefs in this manner, as being distinct from us, and not part of our core essence. We are capable of changing our beliefs, opinions & feelings as one changes an outfit. We do not contain fear, it is merely an unwanted (perhaps at times 'invited') guest, to whom we are perfectly welcome to show the door at any point.

What we require most is Courage, although this may not come easily. That's ok. No dreadful outcomes are necessary. Think back to when you successfully conquered fear in the past. Say you watched a horror movie, or experienced a major emotional upset in life, etc. The first thing to observe is the temporary nature of fear. It must be fed, or it dies a natural death. So time is on your side, for the fear, no matter how strong, will always fade away. Now, one of the principal Laws of the Universe is that if something is naturally possible (that is, there is a natural process for it to occur), it can be accelerated. This is the entire basis of the science of Alchemy. How then do we speed up fear's departure? Alchemy shows us that acceleration requires an increase of energy to be accomplished. It is vital to avoid attempts to gain this energy from others, in a dramatic or vampiric fashion. However, when we dig deep internally, seeking to genuinely face/heal our own fear, many times the Universe brings us situations, objects and/or individuals to encourage us, rousing our own inner store of Courage.

Concentrate on 'getting back on track', meaning, seek to re-harmonize any & all aspects of your life, the areas do not have to be directly related to the subject of fear. This will shift your focus away from fear, but is also more than a mere distraction. Distractions are those things that do not help us to move forward, but represent an unnecessary obstacle to our growth paths. These are a form of avoidance. You know when you are avoiding vs doing something you've put off. Sometimes serving others is growth-inducing, but at other times it is an escape from Self-Care, Self-Love & Inner Healing. You will likely know internally when something is a distraction, but if not, there is no harm in employing a little trial & error. We must take the initiative, and as we do so, we will see that although there are rough patches sometimes, we are overall moving in a direction towards Harmony, and away from fear.

Each small step is a victory. Fear may come & go, but we are ever progressing. Take heart, all will be well!