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Chapter 6 - Duality vs. Polarity - Strength for the Journey

'Positive' vs. 'Negative' Emotions

There is a strong tendency to associate one's emotional state with the status of one's spiritual growth. Undoubtedly, there IS in fact a link, as when one's spiritual growth is 'complete' (liberated state is achieved), one's emotional state will permanently reflect that state of balance, serenity & happiness. However, the path to completion is not a linear one, emotionally speaking, and there are sometimes cycles of emotional distress followed by great peace & contentment. This is not truly 'necessary', if you will, but we live in a highly distorted world at the moment, so it does tend to happen. We must not judge ourselves (or others) for displaying the hallmarks of personal growth.

Happiness is not always proper or authentic, and sadness, anger, and other 'negative' emotions are not always 'wrong'. In order to understand emotional states, it is helpful to understand the difference between duality (a corruption) & polarity (a natural law). Duality's 'Darkness' & 'Light' / 'Positive' & 'Negative' are distorted versions of immutable natural concepts of life.

Polarity has no room for evil. The interactions between actual Darkness (not Evil) and Light (not False Light) are a fundamental dance in our universe. When perceived as the flow of energy from positive to negative, we can understand Polarity more by considering something as unemotionally charged as electrical current. Through regular occurrences such the rising & setting of the Sun, the cycles of the seasons, the ocean's tides, etc, Nature aptly demonstrates the ever-flowing balance between the manifest (form, aka Light) & the unmanifest (formlessness, aka Darkness) force(s) of reality (the duo perhaps best aligning to what is commonly termed 'God'). Whole lifetimes can be (and are) spent illuminating this concept, but a basic understanding is all that is required for this essay.

Duality is an entirely distorted concept that has no actual basis in reality, however, since our world has been largely dominated by forces attempting to spread the concept, it often appears, to the untrained eye, to be fundamental to the functioning of the cosmos. In fact, as I will describe herein, duality is a subtle & destructive twisting of the Truth of Polarity. The reason that Duality is so dangerous, is because it adds the requirement of Evil to reality, when there is no place for such a thing.

Quite a few people (and other beings) believe wholeheartedly that they must perform the 'duty' of being evil, so that people will become 'good'. This is a central tenant of quite a few (widespread) 'religious' movements, of which the general public is largely unaware.

Why are all these horrible things happening in the world? The answer to that is exactly what I am explaining in this essay. With this information, I trust you may understand more of what's going on in the world now, if it was previously unclear. Much effort (far more that one can imagine) has been spent to bury this Truth.

If Duality & Polarity are as different as I am describing, then Evil can be permanently eliminated, and life's dance of light & darkness, seasons & cycles will still be free to continue on indefinitely. Without people being evil, evil ceases to 'exist'. Free will does not require that some choose evil, to 'balance' those who choose Light, Life & Love. We are all free to choose beauty, love, and a world untainted by all manner of ugliness. While this is probably a fairly acceptable statement to the average person, there are some individuals out there to whom this is impossible to believe.

Humanity (through us, in each of our lives) must begin demonstrating the Truth that evil is really unnecessary, or it seems we will all die in the proverbial fire. The world won't actually die in a fire, because so many are not on board with that concept, but the pressure to eliminate evil is indeed becoming unbearable.

We must each take advantage this time of Unveiling to ensure that our personal concepts & behaviors are reflective of the world without Evil, or things will become rougher & rougher in our individual lives. Those who 'get on board' are beginning to see their personal lives calm down, but collectively, things are definitely heating up out there.

To circle back around to the beginning of this essay, the process of getting rid of our (mostly unknown) attachments to duality (and therefore the 'need' for evil) is a bumpy one, and some days, you might not be smiling & feeling all warm & fuzzy inside. That's ok. Healing can be painful.

It is vital that we not take out our personal emotions out on others (or in self-sabotage), but it is also very dangerous to try to paste a fake smile on our face. So many lives today are cardboard cutouts of pasted smiles. Don't become one of them, but if you have been one in the past, it's never too late to be real.