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Chapter 62 - Leadership - Strength for the Journey

Our world is in desperate need of Leaders.  Not managers, supervisors, influencers, nor powers-behind-the-throne.  Leadership begins (and perhaps ends) within.  Leadership is the passionate pursuit of one's own sovereignity, it is a lifestyle, a calling.  We are all called to lead.  None of us can escape bodily demands for choices, decisions: Leadership.  Even if one is not a boss, a parent, a teacher, a mentor, or an elder (or youthful) role model, he/she still leads the body, for good or ill.

Getting one's own house in order is the path to becoming the sort of leader that our world needs.  True leaders need not speak, suggest, gesture, dominate nor control others.  One who has achieved a certain level of self-mastery radiates this influential state of inner tranquility as surely as a faceted crystal.  Inner power is powerful, an ordered, directed & channeled inner strength still more so.
A great deal of the writings & talks on leadership hint and dance around the subject of esoteric (& Inner) leadership, in large part due to insufficient inner awareness on the part of most in the leadership field.  Total emotional stability (NOT merely blunted affect) and an unshakable clarity of thought are key indicators of esoteric leadership / self-mastery (the two are one in the same).  The self-mastered individual cannot help but lead (not boss) in every situation, every moment, primarily through living example.  There is no on/off switch. Leadership is not found in dominance, 'alpha' behavior, bossiness, inflexibility nor attempts to control others.

A true leader is the master of his/her own Universe, its influence naturally flowing outward as a great river into the Greater Universe.  Self-mastery requires constant, intentional surrender to the leadership of one's Higher Self, itself surrendered to the Divine Principle/Tao/God/etc.  The model leader, then, can never be at odds or in conflict with another model leader, for each follows the same call, albeit via each's own internal guidance.

As a society, modernity endlessly laments the obvious lack of adequate leadership, but perhaps the current situation is less calamitous than commonly portrayed.  We have been living in a leadership vacuum for quite some time now, far longer than decades, or even centuries.  Today's state of affairs, well beyond the pale of the insane, serves as a catalytic series of events, bringing awareness where needed most (and often, where least desired).  As the general populace (GP) gradually wakes from her slumber, cries of an apocalyptic nature are to be expected, although not entirely called for.  Absolutely, what we currently refer to as 'culture' is collapsing, circling the drain, even.  Humanity, though, is not on the verge of extinction, but transformation & esoteric freedom.  Those invested in our (generally acknowledged) broken institutions need not worry, but imminent growth and movement are required to weather the storms of change.

Those in the process of waking up, even those who are 'Awakened', while more aware of our plight, are not presenting workable solutions, frankly due to having only recently begun to understand the scope of the problem.  However, there ARE individuals standing by to help any who free themselves from the chaotic mingling & milling about that is the current 'awakening' community.  Once one realizes that it is not merely the outside world that is insane, and that perhaps (maybe just a little) their own life is a shambles, the process of developing inner leadership commences.  Each is welcome to their own path, their own unique approach.  However, Wisdom is Wisdom, there are wiser ways to grow, and truly wise men & women still exist in the world, the heritage is not lost.  Those who know/learn what to look for (the aforementioned traits of self-mastery) will find what they seek.