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Chapter 65 - Intuition for Linear Thinkers - Strength for the Journey

We live surrounded by a linear, goal-oriented, point-A-to-point-B way of life.  This often presents a challenge to one following Inner intuitive guidance, in just how to explain one's self.  We tend to make mental judgements before results are in.  It is an unfortunate observation that a statement along the line of "I follow my inner guidance" is commonly perceived as strong evidence of madcap irresponsibility.  This situation is compounded by the reality that many people employing such guidance would readily refuse to admit this fact in public.  This lends a (false) sense of credibility to the idea that only the mentally insane trust in anything short of cold, hard, 'rational' facts.  In attempting to be 'sane' then, we hamstring & handicap our own minds, for while 'Brain' is largely absent of intuitive faculties (of the transcendent sort), our Minds fuse Inner (non-physical) sensory input with outer (scientifically observable/'physical') data.  Minds does not work very efficiently while trying to exclude half its vital resources (It is interesting to note that this frequency manifests as literal, physical 'headaches').