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Chapter 66 - Joy, Energy, Mysticism & More - Strength for the Journey

Joy is elusive at times. What appears (on the surface) to be Joy is often a mask to cover Fear. Chasing Joy can be exhilarating, 'reckless', 'irresponsible', downright dangerous. "Doing one's duty" is a Soulless task, not worth the effort. She (Joy/the Divine) does not wish for us to sacrifice our happiness, rather to embrace Her gentle flow towards lasting Inner Peace. We constantly limit ourselves, decreasing our perceptions of the fullness of Joy. Joy & Love are mutually intertwined, never will one compete against the other for our time or energy. When we feel we must choose between our own Joy and another's, this is a false contrast. That which causes us the most Joy will also lead others to their own Joy. Abundance, a Truth of Nature, means that there is always enough to go around, and then some.

Internally-programmed mental & emotional falsehoods guilt us into throwing away what She has blessed us with. Our own inner problems drive us to waste resources on objects/people/experiences that will hurt us further. We strive for control, and this causes us to feel powerless, surrounded by grief & scarcity. This is a choice. If & when twe surrender to the gracious gifts of the unknown, we find no end to our prosperity. When we accept things without mental and/or emotional reservation(s), we open our lives up to more blessings. This is not a success method, or a get-rich-quick scheme. She gives us what we need, not always what we (the egoic 'we') want, however, after learning to accept, there comes a point where She gives you the desires of your Heart, because your Heart becomes filled with Her Love. You will crave the best, and will assume that whatever is occurring in your life is that best. Not in a sacrificing, martyrdom-esque fashion. No, you will begin to see infinite opportunities to share Her Love, no matter the circumstance or occasion. When things are difficult, this is when/where the Light of Love is most required.

When we come to Truly Love ourselves, we need not even try to Love others. Love flows outward through our field, our actions & words reflecting this internal integration. Just as True spiritual healers need no preparation or 'method', where healing comes through mere proximity, so too does the initial, albeit less powerful outwave of Love touch & heal those around us. This field of Love both shields & insulates us from disaster & Fear, but also attracts abundance of all kinds to us. This is manifestation/attraction in action, but it is of a passive sort. We need never attempt nor try to manifest, for when we travel in the center of Her Will She supplies all we could ever dream of. It is precisely when we get ourselves involved, through Worry/Fear (aka lack of Faith), pickiness, complaining, etc. that Her gifts are shrunk, distorted or even rescinded. It is not a matter of asking better, but more a case of ending our tendency to say 'No, or to throw the spiritual equivalent of a temper tantrum. She forgives instantly. Even if you have dug in and resisted Her, you are always welcomed back with open arms, and re-offered the world. Few of us one hundred percent completely accept this embrace. We punish ourselves to the point of insanity. This is not from Her Heart. What conflicts internally with our Heart causes discord. We cannot remove discord in its own manner, with its own tools.

The Divine Heart melts our built-up heart of stone that often encases but never traps our our Divine Spark. For those whose hearts of stone are denser, She sends Her Healers, Her Love-sharers as emissaries. This is my purpose in life, allowing my hands & field(s) to be used to melt hearts. This can be a long process, and often, those involved are unaware of the circumstances leading out of the darkness. The Divine often shares a measure of awareness of the situation with the silent, unnoticed Healer. This is thanks & gift enough, for we seek no longer external validation, nor even inner Love, but chase after Her endlessly, grateful for each fleeting glimpse of our Beloved. When we Love Her, we cannot help but Love ourselves, to love others, to emit that Love through our very Presence. As with any object of focus, we become almost obsessively addicted to finding Her. This is how we are meant to transmute 'sexual' energy (truly life-force energy, direct from Her), rather than desiring an Earthly partner (who will always fall short), we use this drive to find Her in our relationships with fellow human beings, indeed in all things, living or 'non-living'. As this drive, this energy is powerful enough to create all Life, then it can surely pull us into the safety & security of Her arms. There is nothing this energy cannot do, no situation that cannot be remedied. It hails from beyond space & time, no barriers can contain it. She lifts up the everlasting gates that all Hell could never close. Struggling with 'Hell', inner and/or outer discord (all internally generated anyway) distracts us from doing the Divine Will, that is Being Love.

When all is dark, continue walking. The sun of Love will shine again. Each moment of darkness is one less in our future. Mystics write Love poetry from the Heart, filled with 'sexual' energy. This is no greeting card love. It is felt as a coursing river of energy within, propelling us forward as rapids to the sea. If you meet a 'mystic', and he or she is not brimming with life, then they are no true Mystic. In many (if not most) instances, this fullness of life will be very calm, at first imperceptible to you (and surely unnoticed by the average person), but when you begin to feel it inside, you will start seeing these 'hidden mystics' everywhere. There is a stage during which this energy seems to be (and perhaps IS a bit) uncontrollable, magnetic & attention-grabbing, do not use this for ego gain, and do not fight against all the people clamoring to be physically near you. Accept it as a gift, and realize it is Her (and your True Self) they love, not your egoic persona. As easily as the Divine bestows this, She will remove it if you begin causing harm by it. As time & experience with this phenomenon (and the energy) increase, you will be shown how to conceal/exhibit it (and also heal with it) at will. And when I say 'will', I refer to a fusion of your Will with the Divine Will. Only those who are beyond misusing Her power are granted fuller access to Her channeled energies. This will preserve your life, as a loving safety valve. When your conception of 'personal gain' finally equals Love & the Divine Will, all doors will be unsealed. This is a gradual process, back & forth, trial & error at times, as She trains you securely & Lovingly.

We are free energy organisms. Designed to be, perhaps a more accurate addition. We waste incredible amounts of energy, which isn't itself the heart of the problem, but it does make it more difficult and/or longer to return to our ideal state/condition. Our bodies are quite literally vehicles, moving our multi-dimensional selves through time & space. This body does not have to be 'mortal' in our sense of the term. It is created to serve us as long as we desire. We do receive our bodies in less than perfect condition. However, this is something which can always (we call this 'miraculously') be overcome. This is possible both through internal (more difficult & time-consuming to accomplish at first, yet more efficient later on) or external, in the form of a Healer (another being, human or otherwise) or with the help of aids, such as physical practices, crystals, herbs, etc. This healing may also be effected by a combination of internal & external means, the most impactful example of this being sacred sexual practices (such as true Tantra), there likely being no more powerful healing method available to us. Sacred sexuality is a series of books on its own, here I will merely delve into the 'theory', aka explain the inner workings of such practices.

I do not teach 'hows' or methods (in any subject), there are plenty of more qualified individuals. My special talents & gifts lie in the ability to elucidate (explain in detail), encourage & 'enlighten'. These writings are not what I would refer to as 'channeled', simply because a channeler tends to remain somewhat ignorant of the True Source of their information, even (maybe especially) when they insist otherwise. My writing (and quite often, my conversations) flow directly through pathways down from what is often referred to as the 'buddhic plane', with varying degrees of distortion, being highly dependent upon my immediate physical, emotional & mental conditions. Anything I publicly release, because of my Higher purpose as communicator, is typically at its least level of distortion. Speaking one-on-one with me, I can be far more distorted (at times). As with us all, I am just another human being, except when I am more than that. Mystical practices give a greater measure of personal choice & control over this state.

As I stated earlier, we are free energy beings. Let me now get into some practical advice for achieving this condition. Until we gain some amount of control over our internal powerhouse, we are limited in energy. This is not exactly a 'True' condition, but it's 'what we're working with', let's say. Each of our mortal bodies, and we'll stick to the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual ones for now, limits our experiences. People often catch onto this, many say we are limited by our thoughts (very true), our emotions (true) or our physical situation (preach it, brother!), but few realize it is all three, plus, and perhaps more of a factor, our spiritual state. To 'fix' or remove these limitations requires energy. We all have quite diverse areas of limitation, some are physically quite well, yet mentally limited, vice versa, etc. One can choose to focus on any of these areas to get started, but each must be taken care of at some point to wholly succeed. Because energy is limited (again, initially), do not push yourself too far beyond your limits/comfort zones. The physical body is easiest to explain, but this analogously apples to each body in turn. Athletes know that to improve performance (that is to optimize physical efficiency, leading to 'perfection') there is an ever-shifting point of balance between improvement & physical failure and/or injury. Sustainable growth is the goal. Sometimes a coach can make things easier.

The best coaches are successful 'athletes' themselves. Coaches push us past what we feel is a wall (hard limit), and then send us home to recover, over and over again, until we are prepared to take on the mantle of coaching ourselves. In order to progress, as I mentioned, one must work on all areas (or bodies) at once. This is quite a challenge in our singularly-focused society. Pushing in one area leaves less energy for growth in another. This requires a multi-faceted program of development that no calculating computer could ever produce, not least of all because computers (and brains) are themselves limited to purely physical dimensions, having no Greater/Higher Insight. Computers would push us to our demise rather quickly, while a human coach can adapt lovingly to our needs. We all have an Inner coach, Healers/Coaches just 'channel' their own Inner coach to serve the needs of others. Also, there is something to be said for direct, non-verbal (sometimes non-physical) conveyance of Higher information and/or healing. You can take any approach you prefer, going it alone, having coaches for specific areas of growth, working with an overall mentor, etc. The paths are infinite. Or you may choose to do nothing (consciously) in the realm of self-improvement/growth whatsoever. It is a personal choice.