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Chapter 70 - Anger as Friend - Strength for the Journey

Anger is a part of our internal energetic boundary alarm system.  Whenever we are low on energy (not specifically 'physical' energy here. Truly sexual energy, but that has a lot of connotations and is not well understood. Future essays will clarify.), our tolerances begin decreasing, and, in healthier individuals, as pressure rises, the anger impulse arises to warn us of the impending danger of energetic collapse.  Modern approaches, as in most spheres of Life, focus primarily on symptom management, with little care or thought applied to prevention.  We look for 'how' answers, carefully & meticulously avoiding any appearance of the 'why's.

'Science' today, due to the unchecked strong-arm-ery of economic & commercial influences, ever-increasing in reach since the Industrial Revolution, centers on discoveries that can be financially exploited.  Deeper meaning has been removed from the hard sciences, ostensibly left in the hands of religion, psychology and contemporary philosophy, although evidence of these Deeper meanings is fairly absent in these corners as well.  Any esoteric wisdom that remains is harnessed to serve the lofty goal of total personal comfort, the highest aim of contemporary society, whether capitalist or socialist in manifestation.  We use 'spirituality' as a tool to 'better living', aka the 'good life'.  The King is deposed and His servants have enslaved Him.  Our society looks thusly because we function identically internally.

Relearning the beneficial aspects of Anger is a vital step towards achieving greater personal Integrity & Integration.  Anger is rarely in need of medication, avoidance or disciple.  Anger is the messenger, holding up a signpost to inner/outer conflicts & discord.  Anger merely reminds us that the 'game is afoot' (something is wrong).  We react so strongly to Anger, not because it unexpectedly shocks us, but because we usually don't want to hear it.  We have no real intention of doing anything about whatever Anger is bugging us and going on about anyway.  "Get out of here with all that Truth, we don't tolerate your kind here!"

Usually, Anger is informing us of a lack of appropriate action to defend our personal energetic boundaries, and typically the action(s) involved are such that would interfere with all the 'fun' we are having.  Fun here is a relative term.  I doubt many would admit to finding pleasure in self-sabotage, yet the accuracy of my observation stands.  Integrity and following our Intuition often bring us a measure of discomfort, as all Growth does initially.  Anger is an increase of this unease, in a subconscious effort to dislodge us from the pursuits driven by our lower nature.  Our resistance to growth will (assuredly) kill us, but "oh, what adventures we shall have before that occurs!"  Given this information, we should not be too surprised to find an avalanche of underlying, unresolved Anger awaiting us within, once we manage to crack open the hard shell of lies, opinions & half-truths we call 'ourselves' (our personas, in Truth).

After a lifetime of ignoring our inner alarm bells, Nature ratchets up the volume, in order to catch our attention.  We prefer to get back to whatever we were up to (that 'fun') and our awareness immediately begins to drift in the direction of more comfortable waters (that is, away from the danger of encountering Growth).  Nature is onto this procedure, and again & again interrupts (that bastard!). We become frustrated eventually with frustration itself, however, if we did not behave quite so much like a drunk helmsman on our personal Titanic, just maybe Nature would cut us a bit more of a break.  Our avoidance (or ignore-ance) mechanisms are not as harmless as we assume (or hope).

The thanks Nature receives for Her dedicated efforts to save & prolong our lives is the joy of dealing with our shenanigans a while longer.  If She'll keep putting up with us, than we have an increased responsibility to Grow.  Growth is found in the direction of Anger, it will not lead us on useless tangental explorations.  Anger is our friend, not our foe.  Start to enjoy the fact that your Inner Self is more openly communicating with you again.  Rather than being 'more of a mess', this is evidence that your false veneers are on the way out.  When we come to accept Anger, listening to its sirens, their volume begins to reduce.  Boundaries enforced early on prevent so much emotionally disruptive chaos.

Be grateful for Anger, and you shall be free of its power & distress.