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Chapter 72 - Worry vs. Intuition - Strength for the Journey

What does Worry feel like?  What does Inner Guidance feel like?  We must become intimate with these sensations and their associated manifestations, if we wish to avoid wasting our time & energy chasing rabbits instead of making real progress.  The first and most obvious distinction between True Intuition and that diluted by Fear (Worry/hesitation/confusion/etc.) is the flavor of inner pressure towards an action, set of actions, decision(s), etc.  Worry always has an element of frenzied uncertainty to it.  Intuition may press you to move quicker than you may find comfortable, but this is best described as a feeling of 'Flow' or 'Zen-like' smoothity.

I will focus on the Fear side first, so as to 'drop the mic' on True Intuition.  Whenever we must turn our attentions to the negative or unpleasant, as it is better not to ignore them (they are always quite busy while our backs are turned), we should establish a habit of ending this focus on higher notes.  This provides Balance, far more healthy that 'trenchant' pessimism or unadulterated optimism.  And now, back to Worry.  As we are fairly familiar with the crankier types of Fear-based feeling, thoughts, attitudes & opinions, I will pass over them in favor of touching on the more deceptive signs of Worry's fingers in our minds/emotions.  I have written previously on the link between Worry/Fear and Excitement, and reiterate this connection now.  However, Joy and Excitement may feel the same, especially at the onset of emotional & energetic familiarization.  I offer a few observational highlights drawn from my own experience that may help you to determine the difference.  Joy causes us to feel 'full' of life energy, while Worry/Fear is Lack, empty-by-scarcity, etc.  With Joy, we may feel filled to bursting, in need of a good belly laughing session.  We may feel as we do after a satisfying meal.  We most certainly will feel a measure of contentment, ease and 'happiness'.  Rather than feeling hesitant to blow a good thing, we may actually be a bit daring, foolhardy, perhaps 'punchy'.  These are our highest points of generosity, benevolence and largess-showering.

While I have presented these 'sides' of Joy vs. Fear/Worry as cut & dry opposites, in practice, both are typically intermeshed inside us, vying for our energy.  The solution is to feed Joy, while starving Fear/Worry.  Worry throws tantrums, kicks, screams, blackmails and destroys, employing all the classic tactics of the high-pressure salesman.  This 'high pressure' is Fear, ably manipulated by masters in the field of marketing/sales & propaganda.  This situation merely represents one-half of these professions, as high (indeed, higher) sales volume can be also be generated through application of the luxurious comforts of Joyful resonation.  Joy is that sane voice gently reminding you of your True Loves.  Those things, relationships, people, places and experiences you want because Joy has placed the desires within the deepest parts of your Being, as She gleefully awaits your rediscovery of them.  Joy ever wears a smirk, creating ridiculous inside jokes, ever-prepared to remark, "But of course everything is grand!  Whatever else did you expect of me, Silly?"

Were Joy not so amazingly kind, and well, Joyful, one might be tempted to accuse Her of jerking our chain.  In a manner of speaking, this is precisely how She operates.  Joy lovingly, meticulously, even ruthlessly pulls the threads of each attachment we entertain, so as to eliminate all inner competition to Her charms.  Attachment, of course, being the reins of Fear by which we are ridden & steered into the countless quagmires and self-destructive swamps of a life punctuated by strict adherence to the 'common sense' conclusions of Worry.  Joy/Intuition prepares us a magical feast, hidden beneath the conjurer's bedsheet, smiling with bated breath for our shocks of gratitude & Love in reaction to Her gifts.

Don't expect to be disappointed by unknown future disasters, instead prepare yourself to find a little more than you ever hoped, wished or dreamed for.  You will always be (even if ever slightly) astonished, and Surprised by Joy!