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Chapter 77 - Frequency Adjustments - Strength for the Journey

Alchemy is the process of matching one's Earthly 'bodies' to the frequency of an individual's Higher Self.  Alchemy is rarely an instant process.  Just as thermal expansion can permanently damage an object, so too can premature (or excessive) exposure to 'higher frequencies' short out one's nervous system, or in many cases, can delay the alchemical procedure.  One must repair the vessel before it can be used to create the Philosopher's Stone, and constantly cracking the vessel in haste, to obtain results inevitably and unpleasantly prolongs everything.  The Alchemist strives to achieve maximum sustained growth.  Strategically, this includes periods of rest & recovery.  One does not train for a marathon by running a marathon.  Nature, well-observed, is the Alchemist's bible.

We shall return to Alchemy shortly.  Let us discuss focus and frequencies, subsections of Alchemy or tools of the trade.  One's point of focus is important (if not 'everything').  Imagine a spectrum of frequencies, the 'highest' being pure Life energy, absent decay, every-regenerating, balanced on the lower end by 'Death' or the lack of Life energy (entropy).  Everything in our existence is, at its core, an energy expressed as a particular frequency (or band).  Multidimensionality being a complex factor (quite often unconsidered), this expressed frequency is more of an energetic 'location' for an underlying 'signature' (and perpendicular) frequency, which itself the 'flavor' or individuality of a conscious being.  One's 'flavor' or signature can travel ('perpendicularly') along the entire spectrum from Life to Death.

No one 'is' actually Life ('Good')or 'is' Death ('evil'), as we are free to creatively express that which is inherently 'us' in any manner along this line.  Alchemy can be employed to 'change' a person (truly persona/ego) towards either extreme.  One may 'become' an 'evil' or 'good' person, which is more accurately described as an 'evil' or 'good' version of a person, as false or as 'true' to one's unique individuality (gifted by Nature) as one desires.  The Alchemist realizes that for each individual being (animals, plants, crystals, etc. all being alive as well), there is an ideal or 'perfect' version, the 'evil' counterpart being simply the absence of the positive traits of one's unique template.

It is perhaps true that all universals (universal statements) are inadequate, but I dare not commit to using the word 'all' here, thereby creating my own universal of mediocrity.  There are truly only two vital pieces of information required to consciously undertake the Alchemical process, those being "where is on (generally, or currently defaulting to) on the Life/Death spectrum?", and "where does one intend to end up (on the spectrum)?"  Where one intends to end up is academic unless on consciously shifts focus to their stated goal/aim.  One can wish to be a 'better person' all day long, but never get anywhere towards this.  To arrive at Life, one must keep one's eye, energy, time, etc. on 'finding' one's true Joy.  Death comes of an obsession with Trauma.  That said, avoidance is a form of focus, so transmutation of Trauma os the answer, not the burying ('elimination') of said Trauma.

One must become aware of one's own trauma at a gradual (safe) pace, well buffered by periods & experiences of Joyful inner exploration.  Trauma transmutation is typically an area of haste & overexertion, as no one likes having trauma, so one often attempts to escape or delete it ASAP.  This always backfires, in a painful rubber band effect.  The more we try to fix or heal our Trauma, the more we end up traumatizing ourselves (and others around us) in the very process.  When we try to 'move on' into our Joy, our Trauma follows us around, crashing our Joy parties.  It feels a hopeless situation, but this is due to our all/nothing viewpoint.  Less Trauma is in fact better than 'all the Trauma', and given enough time, any amount of Trauma can be brought to negligible levels.  Someone with a terribly Traumatic history can actually become well-adjusted, not merely by pretend.  Likewise, someone born and raised in a 'well-adjusted' situation, through a reverse process, can successfully become traumatized by seemingly insignificant, everyday inconveniences.  Trauma is trauma, the Alchemical road out is identical, no matter the intensity.

As I mentioned prior, the Alchemist chooses to move through Growth in the shortest possible way.  This is not the fastest path.  Break-neck speed is so named for a reason.  An individual in healing is rarely aware of the full extent of their Trauma, primarily because the weight & shock of that could harm/kill them.  Over time, this situation can be mitigated, through gentle compassion.  We must spend more time in 'better' environments, but in conditions we still feel comfortable in.  We need 'better' friends, people near our station in life, who don't make us feel dreadful in comparison, or far 'better than'.  People who will work together with us on the alchemical process.  To avoid Pride, we cannot 'slum it'.  To avoid dismay, we must limit our time/exposure with the people who inspire us, for otherwise we may begin to (unfairly) judge ourselves in comparison.  We absolutely need to spend time in 'better' environs.  Nature Herself has an uplifting effect without the dangers of self-judgement, comparison, self-criticism, etc.  We cannot (yet) all live in palaces, continuously surrounded by peaceful music & exquisite artwork, but we can increase our measure of such Beauty each day.  These things can, at first, be overwhelming, as we start to feel inferior next to them, or they can lend us a false sense of internally-completed growth, by proxy.  The artwork & music may be beautiful, even completed and perfected, but we ourselves (our Earthly bodies) may be quite rougher in contrast.  How much of our poise & grace is in fact borrowed from such surroundings?  What do we personally look like in harsher environments?  Important questions to determine our true condition.

True Growth focuses on employing outside influences to drive us to be better, forgiving ourselves for not yet being better, and finally realizing that our Higher Selves are as perfect as our positive role models & ideals are already.  We should work to express our personal flavor perfectly.  Our ideal cannot be another's.  My perfect today is not your perfect today.  My perfect ideal to become is not my perfect growth for today.  Grace, Humility & Honesty complete the Alchemist's toolkit.  Maintain your focus as much as you can, but do not worry or self-judge if you drop this focus occasionally.  We need not be 'better' in each moment, rather it is the aggregate that represents us.  Frequencies are not fixed points.  Nor are we defined by any moment other than this present one, ever changing & changeable.  Fret not.  All is well in the end (aka now).