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Chapter 78 - The Futility of Political Action - Strength for the Journey

Energy loses its power (oomph) as it increases in density, with physical energy being one of the least effective means of influence and/or agents of change.  Being an individual with major handicaps in the area of physical energy, with a low tolerance for emotional energy loads, I personally prefer to work with more impactful energies.  Our culture, however, is more accustomed to the accomplishment of nearly every procedure via physical or emotional measures.  

These forms of energy require less self-control to employ, and have less built-in resistance to selfish (non-Divine) motives.  This is largely the reason for their present popularity.  Violence can effect much (unnecessary) change.  Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, dependent upon one's perspective, karmic rebalancing works hardest in these two realms (physical/emotional).  Mental energy is often the elites' target of manipulation, requiring more skill, resources, time & discipline to successfully pull off.  The nefarious manipulation of spiritual energy, a greatly hazardous & delicate undertaking, is restricted to a minimal, yet dedicated circle of ne'er-do-wells.

When walking across the room poses a challenge, one begins to appreciate and develop a skillset in less draining (more efficient) types of energy work.  As the senses of the blind are often (seemingly) supernaturally enhanced, so too can the energetic sensitivities & abilities of those denied a 'normal' level of physical health be heightened.  It is not a 'price one must pay', yet once paid, such a 'reward' may indeed appear.  One can learn to walk using energy that is not physiological in origin.  However, in my personal experience, this sort of energy disappears quickly the moment one attempts to use it in a manner inconsistent with the Divine plan, or order of things.

As per usual, I shared the previous (build-up) paragraphs to pontificate (or hopefully to share insight) on an entirely different subject matter.

I have a problem with political action, petitions, street-teaming marketing, etc.  My problem is with their lack of elegance, finesse, and at times, raw crudeness.  My objection is, admittedly, primarily on aesthetic grounds.  What must be done, must be done well.  I bring this brand of personal bias to the world of donations, philanthropy & general do-gooding.  Again, if something must be done, it must be of Value to someone, who will invest themselves (personal energy) into it as a lifestyle.  Hence my preference to support small businesses over private foundations & nonprofits.  But I digress.

I support equality.  I do not, however, support any 'agendas'.  I would also like to point out that the motivating factor behind most 'movements/agendas' is Fear.  I do not feel that by failing to 'support' (donating, usually) a particular political action campaign that I am derelict in my human duties to support positive global change.  In fact, I feel quite confident that I am 'doing my part' by simply being present (and obviously through my writings).  I typically prefer to remain aloof of any sort of group identification, for such things tend to lead to exclusion, instead of the intended inclusionary vision.  I'm not afraid of losing my right to be myself, in any fashion.  I'll be doing my thing (legal, approved or not), and speaking as a specialist in non-physical (and both emotional & non-emotional) energy, my thing will always be legal (or at least I will never be bothered), because that's how that works.  By focusing on fear of being ostracized, we create that exact effect.  Let's focus on healing our various traumas of the past, present & future, and chill out about the insecurities & fears of others.  Being the bigger person as a collective.