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Chapter 79 - Divine Feminine - Strength for the Journey

What is the Divine Feminine Principle and how does it manifest in our everyday lives?  We shall delve into this question within the confines of this essay.  To fully understand this Universal Principle (Force/Energy), it is best to leave our societally-conditioned & culturally-informed notions of femininity at the door.  Some elements may match, some may differ from our current perspectives.  In general, it is often useful to approach any important subject assuming we know nothing.  Let us then proceed with open mind.

Everything that is, as far as we are able to reach up to the limits of human comprehension, is the manifest result of the eternal Dance or interaction between twin principles, that I am (not alone in) terming the 'Divine Feminine' and 'Divine Masculine'.  The trinity, father, mother & child, is the pre-Christian, indeed prehistoric, expression of this Divine dynamic.  This trinity is multidimensional in nature, with Heaven, Hell and the Earth between being another of its innumerable foundational facets.  For now let us attempt to stick to those aspects of reality which demonstrate the Divine Feminine / Masculine attributes.

We begin with the Divine Feminine Principle, for this is the Void from which all energy flows, into interaction with the limiting and defining Principle of the Divine Masculine.  One cannot 'exist' without the other, yet it is also correct to state that the Divine Feminine is the First or Original Principle.  Before there was Death, Life flowed out unceasingly from the Infinite Source.  We cannot fathom, outside direct revelation occasionally conferred via a deep meditative experience, the origin of these twin Principles, The One, Source, The Divine.  'God' is in fact split between God & Goddess, or Father & Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost), with each of our Souls forming a third element of this trinity, the Christ being the Christian ultimate ideal for this relationship, as redeemed & fulfilled in all its Divine Glory.

While all religions & spiritual traditions hold great Wisdom, it is widely proffered amongst True esoteric teachers (and I tend to agree) that the 'Christ story' (the 'Greatest Story Ever Told') is the best example of Wisdom 'hid in plain sight'.  The allusions & richness of Truth found tucked away deep in the recesses of Christianity's original core doctrines & teachings, obscured as they so often are by theological explanations and demagoguery, cannot be found in any other system in such an unfragmented  state and simplistic format.  One who has a solid basis in 'Mere Christianity' as described by C.S. Lewis perhaps stands the closest to naturally understanding the Mysteries of the Universe, despite what anyone may believe.

I encourage those who seek outside their Christian origins, such as in more Eastern conceptions, to perhaps explore a bit closer to home before venturing forth on an immense (and unnecessary) excursion.  For example, if I merely explain to you that the Divine Feminine is the 'Holy Spirit', or for those who appreciate the Virgin, 'Mother Mary', you may already know more than those of most other traditions.  'Divine Masculine' is God the Father (albeit in less distortion that biblical accounts), with Christ being our aim, that of the Integration of the Guidance & Power of these two Principles into a human body.  Shiva & Shakti are quite close allusions as well, and there are parallels in many religions.  Christianity managed to eliminate much of the animistic distortions of prior world religions and spiritual teachings.  Unfortunately, while Christianity became a great religion of Compassion, it also became a corporate home to equally great corruption, ill-advised rationalization & conflict.

The Divine Feminine grants the energy for Life, this is how all living beings 'grow'.  When Beings given Life energy misuse this Gift, the Divine Masculine Principle, through natural means, engages 'destructive' (seen very clearly in Shiva) or Death elements, clearing away deadwood to enable Divine Feminine energy to begin anew growth processes.  Fire clears the path for future growth.  Without destruction, growth would stagnate or become far too chaotic.  Death brings Life, as Life brings Death.  We can think of the Divine Masculine as providing a 'box' wherein the Divine Feminine grows Life endlessly.  Feminine Energy can become Chaos (energy beyond the capabilities of a vessel, being or situation) without the adequate pruning or enforcement of the Order of limits & boundaries created by the Divine Masculine Principle.  These limits fashioned directly from the fruits of the Divine Feminine's Living creations.

Creativity, as we term it, is Divine Feminine energy nearest its pure essence.  This is exactly 'sexual energy' in biological beings.  (Is not Life's main function that of reproduction?)  Reproduction without bounds is strangulation, and this is where the role of the Divine Masculine exists to provide balance by restricting the forces of reproduction, or by cutting away at that which has already been granted Life.  Our contemporary assertion that 'entropy reigns supreme' is due to our (unconsciously) elevating the Divine Masculine Principle above the Divine Feminine, a theory that falls apart under the slightest scrutiny.  How can Death precede (and therefore conquer) Life?  The idea is preposterous and ridiculous, yet informs our basest assumptions and subsequent actions.

The unchecked violence & endless conflicts in our World are stark evidence of our incorrect inclinations.  While Life must be occasionally trimmed back to prevent Disorder & Chaos from taking hold, humanity has taken its recent (millenniums ancient now) Divine Masculine duties to excessive lengths.  It is high time we turned our collective focus and energies back to supporting the Divine Feminine.  We could all use a bit more Life in our lives.  Our fears of overpopulation are ludicrous, based upon a (secular) theology of scarcity & poverty.  There is far more than enough to go around, as the energy & bounty of the Divine Feminine is Truly limitless.  All apparent evidence to the contrary is provably false, and its deliverance contrivance is equally demonstrable.  Fear has created our artificial situation of ever-impending doom.  Nature Herself will prevent the wholesale elimination of the human species, although She may allow Her enemies to be summarily executed by Divine Masculine forces.