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Cutting The Gordian Knot

Cutting The Gordian Knot
Photo by Ricardo Cruz

Whenever we drift away from our purpose and truth, individually or collectively, that purpose and truth remain unchanging.

We must return to the present & the work we have left there.

Dire situations do not call for dire measures.

What we procrastinate always waits patiently for us, different in form, yet identical in essence.

We cannot escape the laws of Growth.

We must cease attempting to adapt to and fix a broken situation and simply return to what we know to be valid, no matter how much work & time it may cost us.

We are indebted to the Divine and must pay the toll. Not in punishment, but in outgrowing our ignorance & failings.

Unfortunately, there is no substitute, no magic wand to cure big problems, they are just small problems that have been untended.

Break out the garden tools and get back to the important business at hand