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Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done
Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

The hard part is not coming up with ideas.

It's not even that difficult to figure out the process or steps to turn an inspiration  into something tangible.

The rubber hits the road most often these days in trying to figure out how to make ourselves do what needs done.

There's a lot of advice flying around about how to get motivated.

I say don't bother.

Imagining ourselves in the moment of action before the iron is in the fire is premature.

We can become locked in an cycle of pumping ourselves up, feeling better without sufficient cause.

Better to develop an attitude of restriction.

Never giving ourselves the option of spacing out, ghosting tasks or responsiblities.

Turn 'Just Do It' into 'Just Say No'.

The great accomplishers in life feel like they have no choice.

Duty, honor, obligation, responsibility...

We must make these words meaningful to ourselves.

Either nothing in life matters or everything in life matters.

It is true this is a temporary physical existence, we each must pass on from this mortal sphere.

But that can release us from the fears that hold us back.

Carpe Diem, Memento Mori, etcetera puts the power over our time now into our hands.

Let us not leave everything up to the Fates.

Try like there's no tomorrow.

Never stop to tell others, show them by keeping on.

Forget the likes, the clicks, the fame.

Do what must be done.