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On Art

On Art
Bierstadt, A. Sunrise. Oil painting.

What is 'The Point' of Art?

Philosophically speaking, what's the big idea?

From the mystic's standpoint, Art reminds us of the Deeper Magic (to borrow a phrase from C.S. Lewis) in life.

Life is orderly chaos... just like a painting, a piece of music or a garden.

'Art Perfects Nature' is an old alchemical phrase describing the acceleration of Nature's growth and development processes.

The Cosmos is traveling from Darkness to Light, from Chaos to Order...

But a Living Order, not a static rigidity.

We each feel this instinctively, we are drawn towards Beauty, the word we use to describe chaos that has been ordered in accordance with Natural Law.

Natural Law is the framework within which Divinity operates.

The older philosophers referred to Nature as the 'body of God', and felt that if we studied natural processes, we could understand God.

This belief led to the initial development of the scientific methods: observation, expermentation and rational investigation.

Science is an external tool for the creation of Beauty, a handbook for the art of sublimating (ironing out the wrinkles) those things which are not yet perfected in their physical, emotional & spiritual forms.

We use Art as an internal tool, ushering from the depth of ourselves those ideals that give us Hope, Joy, Peace and Love, the Order of Divine Light placed within the atoms of our makeup.

Highest Consciousness (God) speaks to us through Beauty.

We have a Higher Consciousness inside ourselves, it is true, this is the Soul.

But even the Soul is not yet perfected, we must work to align our Souls with the Will of that Higher Power that creates all things, sustains all things and redeems all things.

Whatever we do in life, whether in crafting items, in speaking words or in caring for existing
processes and objects, we must keep the end of our toils always in view, the True, the Good and the Beautiful.

Art assists us in this effort. Art is a magical (and by that I mean mystical) thing. By Art in Word for (Logos) the Universe was created.

By the Art of sub-creation (in crafts, words, ways of living, etc.), we do our part in the completion of the Divine Vision.

Let Art ever lead our Souls to Peace, that state of existence wherein we actively bring our personal wills into harmony with Natural Law, that living expression of the Divine Will.