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On Opinions

God does not need our opinions.

When Christ told us to judge not or else we will also be judged, he was describing the world under the tyranny of personal opinions gone collective.

Let us not forget that Christ was quite literally crucified by peoples' opinions.

Your opinion is worthless. My opinion is equally worthless. Truth is everything, all else is simply crooked roads to make straight.

Relativism is trash.  The relativist really has no way to dispute this statement, he has thrown away his weapons from the start.

A 'relativistic philosopher' is mentally a walking compost heap, an avid collector of opinions, not facts. No matter how long one shuffles them around, no cohesive answers will emerge.

As idealists, we recognize the fact that there is right and wrong, chaos and order. Truth is the work of the Living God.

Everything has a moral aspect. We cannot always understand what it may be under given circumstances, however this does not alter that fundamental truth. We are ever in search of finer and finer strata of truth, no person in our spectrum of life has ever contained its totality.

This should make us humble, often silent, observing more than pontificating. If we are wise persons, we are still fools in the universe. When we are placed by life in a position of authority, which each human being is, whether it be over other persons, perhaps as a parent, or merely over plants or animals, we must remember that we are stewards, not royalty.

We preside over this kingdom of Divinity, Nature. We must sometimes straighten the crooked, not because we are perfect, but because we are  servants of Truth. We can assist others when the beam in our own eye is down to splinters, but we have to keep working on removing the rest of our personal untruths.

The beautiful thing about Truth is that it requires little explanation. Explanation is in a sense a crooked truth. Sometimes it is helpful, but it is like scaffolding. In the end, Truth stands alone.

Each person knows the truths of life deep down inside. Unfortunately, we each have a varying layer of opinions caked over top. Our egos, emotions and minds are central to this layer cake, they are not our true self. They are an integral piece of our physical existence, we do not part with it until we pass on. However, we can minimize their effects over our behaviors and interactions.

When we realize that we are not perfect, we can begin to become better, more honest. We can ignore the opinions of others, ourselves and the world. We keep endlessly digging, experimenting and seeking, getting ever nearer to the Truth.

We must stand for and live by the truths we know, while at the same time being open to deeper insights. This is the life of Philosophy, applying Truth to the most intimate portion of our lives.

When our emotions mislead us, we must stand against them. When our mind intellectualizes, we must find our hearts. Our feelings and thoughts must become less important to us than what is correct and moral, what is loving and kind. This is a constant task that we must never shirk or leave to others to do for us.

If we follow Truth, we will help to bring about a Truer world. That there is so much that is crooked in our world is a constant and strong motivation to focus on improvement. God intends that wrongs be righted, and Nature's processes will ever continue to move us towards that end. The more we assist, the smoother and quicker it will go for us personally.