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Preface - Strength for the Journey

"Where does this information / wisdom / knowledge come from?"

My writings flow from the meditative practice that is my life.

Simply, I am retired, and I do what I do.

For those who require a bit more of a rational explanation:

One never learns directly from books,  lectures, teachers, or any other sort of external sense-based experience.  These things act more as keys or triggers of Divine revelation.  This only seems mysterious because we do not typically acknowledge or observe this truth in the 'mundane' experiences of daily living.  However, our lack of awareness can never negate basic facts.

I am an independent scholar of mysticism.  I study as much as I can of the Divine Order, which entails a polymath's approach.  I rely upon my Inner Spark to avoid being drowned in the chaff.  Discernment is not found in formulas, unless one considers Inner Silence a 'method'.

At all times, I write at the maximum level of Consciousness my body can sustain.  In this way, my writings represent an ever-expanding stream of thoughts suspended below Consciousness.  (Note, this is NOT through the use of the less conscious procedures of automatic writing or channeling.)  The search function at the top of the site is probably the best & easier way to navigate my articles.  Put in a word or topic you're feeling, and go from there.

If something here does not resonate with your individual experience of Consciousness, feel free to take what is of value and leave the rest.  We are not fixed Beings, we (hopefully) grow in wisdom each moment.  The trouble with words is their inherent delusion of permanency.  The man who wrote them is responsible, but I am no longer he!