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Tolerance, according to The American Heritage Dictionary of 1969:
"The capacity for or practice of allowing or respecting the nature, beliefs, or behavior of others."

The preceding definition gives us rather a large conceptual area. One might even call it too broad to be useful. After all, there is a vast difference between 'allowing' (to let happen, to permit) and 'respecting' (to feel or show esteem, to honor).

This word 'tolerance' is used today as a linguistic Trojan horse, employed to demand respect in the guise of freedom of action. Most people do not wish to be considered intolerant, in the sense of calling for totalitarian authority over the personal choices of others.

We have no obligation to respect that which we do not. Modern society demands we honor and respect its idols, and obviously, we cannot in good conscience do so, without causing ourselves great inner conflict.

'Personal choice' is another loaded phrase. While we have the freedom to choose to violate Natural Law, we also have the right and privilege to face the unavoidable consequences visited upon us. There is no 'right to be wrong' in the universe. We are asked by society to participate in and support attitudes, opinions and behaviors that we feel (and know) to be immoral.

Making poor decisions is a part of life, we are entitled to do so as a part of the growth process. Allowing others to make their own decisions is liberty. When our actions are criminal, that is, when they violate the liberty of others, those others have the right to take action against us to protect their liberties.

We are constantly pressured to change ourselves to fit the contemporary social mould. We are at liberty to refuse these demands. It is a choice between external noise and the internal voice of conscience.

We are being gaslit into accepting that 'tolerance' means ignoring our inner values. We simply cannot respect what our hearts are against. Intellectually we can go along for a while, but the great danger of this is that in doing so, we have to drown out that still, small voice inside of us.

We are at war with dead ideologies, it is foolishness to surrender as we are continuously  encouraged to do. No one calling for tolerance is actually tolerant in either sense of the word. The prophets of tolerance and inclusion are zealots for their belief system.  They do not respect our beliefs, nor do they seem particularly inclined to allow us to live by them.

We must call this deception for what it is.  We do not advocate violently forcing anyone to violate the demands of conscience, quite the opposite. Conscience never calls for criminality or for flaunting of Natural Law, nor will it ever suggest that we hurt others to enrich ourselves.

We do not advocate a world dominated by theocratic authority, any more than we support the world guided by atheistic & materialistic philosophies.  Liberty is the natural right of each human being, we must be eternally vigilant to protect the natural expression of the Divine Spark in each person.

We can allow foolishness to die a natural death. When we refuse to conform and live by our own values, we are not harming anyone else. We are however withholding our energy from supporting the things we feel are wrong. This is our duty, our responsibility. If enough of us do so, the things we disagree with will have no voice.  That is the great fear, it is precisely why we are being induced to go along with the 'crowd'.

I suspect the crowd is not as great as imagined or portrayed. Instead, the vast majority of people agree that morality is objective, not relative, that life has purpose and is not a free-for-all. When we stand on our principles, we embolden others to do likewise.

We can allow the foolish to continue in their ways until life's circumstances bring them to wiser pastures.  In this sense we are Tolerant. However, we must be careful not to encourage them, or to go along with their deceptive thought processes and feelings. In this sense, we are Kind and Loving.